Save 10.00%! 1 or 2 Days Trip to Puebla & Cholula with Breakfast & Hotel


Small Group, Clean & Safe.ONE DAY TOURSee the Great Pyramid of Cholula and Puebla¡¯s UNESCO-listed historic center on one easy, all-inclusive tour from Acapulco. The largest pyramid on earth by volume, Cholula surpasses even the Egyptian Pyramids.?TWO DAYS TOUR?Visit the Africam Safari park and? become immersed in the animal habitats, which very closely resemble the wild. The animals roam freely and the visitors can observe them from your own vehicles or the park’s guided buses. Africam Safari has several habitats, including African Savannah, American steppes, Tropical Jungle, Mexican Forest, Tiger Lake, Lion Territory and walk-through adventure zone. There are approximately 2500 animals of 350?species?that roam freely in a habitat which is said to encourage animal development and reproduction.?Give us the opportunity of being your guide and we guarantee your tour with us will be a referral of your visit to Acapulco.

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